Guidelines for the Seller:
Countdown to Closing Day!


Utilities - Notify the appropriate utility companies that you will require final bills to be issued to you as of the scheduled date of settlement. Give the names of the Buyers to the utility company so that service will be transferred without interruption.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors - At the passing you must provide a certificate from the fire department that smoke detectors are properly installed in your property. Call you local fire department and arrange for the inspection. There is a minimal charge for the inspection and issuance of the required certificate. The Guide to the Massachusetts Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Requirements is a great resource.

Water Bill - Arrangements must be made to obtain a final water meter reading and bill from the water department. Call the water department in your town with the meter reading. You must present the final bill at the closing. Most water departments want the bill paid directly to the water department prior to closing.

Oil - If your heating system is fueled by oil, you should contact the oil company and request a final reading. The Buyer at the closing will reimburse you for the value of the oil that remains in the tank. You can also have the take filled and present the bill to the Buyer at closing.

Change of Address - Don't forget to notify the Post Office of your new address so that they can forward your mail.

Septic Certification - You will need to supply the bnk with a certificate of compliance. This requires a request to your local Board of Health office in advance.


Deed - You must present at the closing a new deed conveying title to the buyer. The deed can be prepared by your attorney or by the attorney handling the conveyance for the bank. Often the bank's attorney will ask to see the deed prior to closing.

Certificate of Title - If your property is registered land, you must have in your possession at the closing the "Owner's Duplicate Certificate of Title." This is of utmost importance since the closing cannot take place without it.


Phone - Notify the Phone Company on what date to discontinue service. Make arrangements to return leased equipment.

Cable, etc. - If applicable make arrangements to discontinue.


Keys and Garage Door Openers - Remember to bring all keys to the property

Taxes - Adjustment will be made for property taxes that you have already paid. Bring with you to the closing your most recent tax bill - paid or unpaid.

Excise Tax Stamps - You will be responsible for payment of Massachusetts Excise Tax Stamps. The cost may be determined by multiplying $4.56 per $1,000 of the total selling price of the property. This amount is usually adjusted out of your proceeds from the sale.

Mortgage Pay-off - The conveyance attorney will have obtained from the bank that holds your present mortgage the final balance due as of the closing. He will arrange for that payment from your proceeds. You will be required to pay a nominal fee for the recording of that mortgage discharge.

Real Estate Commission - The commission, as agreed to, will be due and payable at the closing from the proceeds. You will receive a final bill from the broker at closing.

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